For thousands of years, the continent of Orim covered itself in a magical barrier called “The Veil” to protect itself from the evils of the worlds. 500 years ago, the Veil collapsed and rained dust and ash onto the people and lands of Orim. The dust and ash created a plague of sorts which wiped out most of the population of Orim. If that shit wasn’t enough, the Veil's dust and ash interacted with the natural lands causing changes that made the oceans surrounding Orim to rise dramatically and “sink” a third of the lands, killing a majority of the people that remained. The parts of the land that didn’t sink, changed in strange and magical and permanent ways. Orim is a strange and changed place. 

They believed the gods punished and shunned them. 400 years ago, a “savior” appeared and ‘cured’ the remaining people who had the ‘cancer’. They stopped worshipping the old gods and began worshipping the savior’s god, Reohm.


Now, after hundreds of years of slow rebuilding, the continent has an aversion to magic, yet understand it’s a necessary force in their lives, limit the amount of magic one person can hold before getting afflicted with the “corruption”. It’s an understood law that sages have determined, the amount and shit. The cities that have grown after the disasters are slowly reaching out to one another, yet there are, possibly, other civilizations and cultures yet to be discovered, tucked away in the


the City (or Cities) of Veil have

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